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My gallery. Quite some fanart, but mostly only of other deviants work.



Shaazii by Speedslide
Well, I made a new artsy friend, V-day's coming up and I've been itching to do some proper digital coloring... So I figured, what the heck. Tossed this piece together.

... Don't give me that look. This girl usually wears even LESS than that.

Shaazii (c) :iconhorrorempress:
Victory Society Line-up 1940 - 1951 by Speedslide
Victory Society Line-up 1940 - 1951
From left to right:

:bulletred:ROW 1

- Eagle…
- Emerald…
- Gasmask…
- Instant Man…

:bulletred:ROW 2:bulletred:

- Mago…
- Minuteman…
- Mite Strongman…
- Sentence…

:bulletred:ROW 3:bulletred:

- Max Mancer & Manny…
- Starson…
- Detective Dusk…
- Private Eye…

:bulletred:ROW 4:bulletred:

- Sgt. Stripes…
- Starry…
- Bowman…
- Quiver…

:bulletred:ROW 5:bulletred:

- Gunslinger…
- Equestrian & Peg…
- Fedora…
- Bumper…

:bulletred:ROW 6:bulletred:

- Harpy…
- Bellatrix…
- Alleycat…
- Lady Blonde…

:bulletred:ROW 7:bulletred:

- Trashcan…
- Lt. Starson…
- Jetman…
- Jetgirl…

:bulletred:ROW 8:bulletred:

- Ablaze…
- Lady Blaze…
- Patrioteer…
- Maritime Man…


Just a quick graphic I threw together to wrap my head around the team.

Comments and questions appreciated,  I can't live on favs alone!

All characters (c) :iconspeedslide:

Detective Dusk by Speedslide
Detective Dusk
Real Name: Unknown

Codename: Detective Dusk

Nicknames: Deduction

Occupations: Unknown

Legal Status: Vigilante

Identity: Secret

Nationality: USA

Home Town: New York City, New York, USA

Born: October 17, 1913

Marital Status: Unknown

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Known Relatives: Unknown

Group Affiliation: Victory Society AKA Veteran Society

Base of Operations: Kansas City, Missouri, USA

First Appearance: TBA

Known Superhuman Powers: None


- As a non-powered human, Detective Dusk does on occasion find himself out of his depth dealing with superhuman threats.
- There have also been times when he's been temporarily augmented with superhuman powers, but as he's used to working within normal human parameters, these incidents tend to go wrong in unforeseen ways.
- Having dedicated his life to actively being "the best at everything" in his pursuit of justice, Detective Dusk is still human and has some areas he's skilled in and some he's less skilled in due to there simply not being enough time for him to focus on one single thing to improve upon. He's a jack of all trades, but master of none. When he has to deal with something specific, he generally consults with experts within his community to find a solution to the problem at hand.

Abilities/Special Skills: Even without any superhuman powers, Detective Dusk is no slouch. His body is trained to the peak of human achievement and his agility and strength is at a level comparable to that of an Olympic athlete.

His mind is an extensive library of information on several subjects such as chemistry, engineering, history, linguistics etc.

Languages: Speaks English and a multitude of other languages, even dabbling in extra-terrestrial dialects such as "Krimsonese" thanks to the help of Starson.


- Skilled in the use of a wide variety of weapons, including swords, bow and arrows and firearms.
- He tends to keep minor equipment in his utility belt when on patrol, ranging from lockpicks to a miniature first aid kit for emergencies.

Personality: When Detective Dusk first appeared, he was often seen openly tossing criminals off rooftops in cold blood and holding the personal opinion that "criminals deserve nothing but deat". When his partner Sunset first appeared, he softened his stance considerably and has since adopted a strict non-killing policy. He's still aloof and not prone to showing emotion to anyone but his closest peers.

Personal Interests: The pursuit of justice.

History: Detective Dusk first appeared in the late 1930s. No-one knows where he came from and who he is, but psychologists theorize that he's driven by some sort of personal tragedy to fight crime.

Since the 1940s, he's also been accompanied by a partner in his pursuit of justice, the dynamic Sunset.

Due to his lack of superpowers, Detective Dusk have seen a long line of imitators inspired by his example pop up over the years. Detective Dawn and her partner Sunrise accompany him, whilst newcomers such as Eveningbird and Morningbird also have popped up in later decades.

His legacy has also inspired people far abroad, such as Dunkeldeckaren in Sweden.

As Detective Dusk only clue to his real identity was that he was born in the 1910s, many people have put forth theories that Detective Dusk's identity has passed on to several people over the years. Subsequent voice recordings seem to confirm this.

Whoever is hiding behind the mask of Detective Dusk, the masked vigilante has been missing in action since 2008...


Yeah, can't have all these homages without at least one nod to the detective with the bat-ears.

And with that, the line-up of the Victory Society's 1940-1951 incarnation is complete. Stay tuned.

Detective Dusk (c) :speedslide:
Bellatrix by Speedslide
Real Name: Bellatrix Wagner

Codename: Ellie Harrison (An alias adopted to marry Casey Wagner in an official ceremony and discarded almost immediately after)

Nicknames: Bella

Occupations: Royal ambassador and politician

Legal Status: Legal citizen of the United States

Identity: Public

Nationality: USA

Home Town: Unknown

Born: July 26, 1915

Marital Status: Unknown

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Known Relatives: Maudie (mother), Casey Wagner (husband), Pamela (sister by adoption)

Group Affiliation: Victory Society AKA Veteran Society

Base of Operations: Berlin, Worcester County, Maryland, United States

First Appearance: TBA

Known Superhuman Powers: Fueled by magical energies native to her homeland, Bellatrix exhibits the following abilities:

Superhuman strength, speed and stamina - To give a rough indicator of the upper limits of her strength, she is quite able to fight on equal footing with Starson, by many considered the strongest man on Earth.

Empathy - Bellatrix is more in touch with the world around her thanks to heavy meditation augmented by her magical energies, allowing her to reach out and communicate with other cultures, sometimes even completely different species. While it isn't full-blown telepathy, she can usually tell when something is amiss, such as when a person is lying or in peril. But she tends to shrug it off and claim that it's just intuition.

Retarded aging - Due to being born on a magical island where time runs at a pace of one hour for every day in our world, she ages at a 1: 24 rate. To put that into pespective, she has only aged about 3 years over the last 70. Note: She spent the first 25 years of her life in our world and thus aged accordingly.


- She has to return to the island from time to time or the magic that fuels her powers will dissipate over time, weakening her powers until she has to rely on nothing but her combat skills and quick wits.
- She's still human and can't heal from everything. Unless she receives proper medical attention for severe injuries, she will perish.

Abilities/Special Skills: Even without her powers, Bella is still a very capable free-style hand-to-hand combatant. And while she prefers her lariat, she is trained in the use of other archaic weaponry such as javelins, bows and arrows, swords, etc. She has very minor skills in handling modern firearms, but has general disdain for them, claiming them as "weapons without poetry." She is also a skilled pilot thanks to training from Casey Wagner and her time in the military.

Languages: Speaks English and several dead languages fluently.


Armor - The inner layer of her costume is covered with enchanted chainmail, serving to protect her from blunt weaponry such as swords or bullets.
Lariats and ropes - Bellatrix weapon of choice is the rope, always preferring to bind and subdue rather than harm her opponents.

Personality: Bellatrix is kind, gentle and does not use violence unless provoked. Another quirk which makes her stand out (especially back in the 1940s) is her belief in complete gender equality. Thus, she doesn't think twice about sharing a bathroom with a member of the opposite sex without even the slightest hint of intimacy and is understandably confused about why most sports tournaments are separated by gender and weight classes. To put it simple, she has no gender bias.

Personal Interests: Strong supporter of human rights movements.

History: Bellatrix was born on a magical island, right in the midst of an attack from a conqueror. Her mother Maude, queen of her tribe, sent her away so that Bella would be saved from the onslaught.

Raised in our world by kind foster parents, Bella grew up into a beautiful strong-willed woman with aspirations to join the military. Given that this was the 1940s, it wasn't exactly the most ideal environment for a girl like her. But nevertheless, military air pilot Casey Wagner took a liking to her and became one of her best friends. Their mutual friendship would eventually blossom into love, but neither was able to admit their feelings to one another.

During a test flight in 1940, Casey and Bella were shot down by enemy aircraft and crashed into the ocean, unknowingly passing through the magical veil that kept the island hidden from the outside world. They were saved by a group of of people that recognized Bella by her resemblance to the queen, who was overjoyed to see her daughter again. There was still a war raging on (At the island, only about a year had passed since Bella had been sent away) and with the assistance of Casey and Bella, the conquerors were sent away. Bella decided to stay with her people to learn their ways whilst Casey half-heartedly returned to our world.

After completing her training and choosing the lariat as her weapon of choice, Bellatrix rejoined society just as the United States entered World War II. After the war, she proposed to Casey and married him.

She would eventually join the Victory Society.

In 1960, she helped found the Earth League.

She went missing in 2008 and hasn't been seen since then.


My homage to the William Moulton Sharston's amazon princess.

In short, I spent a lot of time thinking out her character traits and what I could do different.

So rather than go for an all-female group of warriors... I went with her coming from a unisex (By unisex, I mean that they share common dress codes, public rest rooms etc) tribe of warriors. In short, she's my vision of what a "super-feminist" would be like turned up to eleven! Without making her descend into androgyny, as I absolutely abhor that stereotypical view of gender equalists.

My personal opinion is this: Women and men are people. And you're an asshole if try to make out either gender to be "inherently evil." True, I feel shame when dealing with male chauvinists sexually harassing people. But I don't accept double standards claiming that a woman can't be judged the same way if she's the one doing the harassing.

Moving on from a political rant, some of my thoughts about her design...

A question for my watchers... Would you feel comfortable goint at a masquerade or cosplaying as her? I spent a lot of time looking up realistic armour. While I would never think of touching the classic bathing suit look of Wonder Woman (and given that she's near-invulnerable, the look is actually a bit justified), I felt that there was no need to hold my homage to that standard and went for something that would feel like a real warrior.

Her place of origin is a nod to Avalon of Gargoyles-lore (the passage of time quote is ripped pretty much straight from there), albeit it goes back a bit further with mythological tales such as Brigadoon, Xanadu etc... Needless to say, the idea of another realm where time runs slower is an old one that I'm not above exploiting.

Bellatrix (c) :iconspeedslide:


Speedslide's Profile Picture
Sebastian Sandberg
Current Residence: Sala, Sweden
Favourite genre of music: Mixed
Operating System: Windows XP
The second of two journals I'm posting today. This time, I'm taking a crack at what would be my personal vision of a perfect DC Multiverse. Mind you, the list is not quite finished, as I'm waiting for The "Multiversity Guidebook" in January to get a better overview. I'm not being creative, I'm just building upon what other creators have contributed over the years.

- There are only universes that originated in comic books. So no DCAU, no Super-Friends, No Dark Knight Trilogy, No DC-movie verse (Man of Steel), No Arrow/The Flash-verse... Come to think of it, there's so many unrelated media adaptions of DC Characters, you could actually make an entirely new multiverse using nothing but... Hmm... :plotting:
- This list takes inspiration from three iterations of DC's Multiverse. Specifically the nigh limitless Pre-Crisis one, the Post-Infinte Crisis one and the one currently in use in the New 52 and being explored in Grant Morrison's Multiversity. Source:…
- Warning! This list requires a bit of knowledge in DC Comics lore!


Earth-Prime: The real world, where all the other Earths are just stories in comic books and you and I live. What happens on the other Earths has no effect on this world other than a highly emotional one. :D:blush::jawdrop:


:bulletred:The Outer Edges:bulletred:

These worlds exist outside and above the rest and are not bound by the same rules as the "other 53".

Bizarro-World. A universe filled with odd-looking and reverse-thinking duplicates of inhabitants of the other 53 Earths, founded by Bizarro, the twisted duplicate of Superman.

Anti-Matter Universe: A universe of evil, destruction and anti-matter. Home to the Anti-Monitor (The Big Bad of Crisis of Infinite Earths) Crime Syndicate of Amerika (Yeah, like Earth-3, but this universe has NO good in it, so they're even more dangerous), the Weaponers of Qward...

Limbo: Home of forgotten and discarded characters. A concept fully realized by Grant Morrison. If a character is not currently having any adventures, he's stuck here until he gets a new series or a guest spot somewhere else.

The Fourth World: (Fourth World, get it? :lmao:) Home of Highfather, Darkseid, New Genesis, Apokolips, the New Gods... Taking a cue from Unicron of Transformers media, I kind of like the idea of Jack Kirby's New Gods being "multiversal constants", a group that can exist and travel freely between universes. Just imagine Darkseid going from world to world for shits and giggles.

:bulletred:"The New 53", Earth-0 to Earth-52:bulletred:

Whenever the next reboot hits, this would be the mainstream continuity. Because let's face it, sooner or later, some idiot from Sweden is going to come down upon DC and rewrite everything with no regard to previously established continuity... Hey! :x Anyways, yeah, a freely available mix of characters from any of DC's staple, both the ones they've always been connected to like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and imports from Fawcett Comics (Captain Marvel/Shazam), Charlton Comics (Blue Beetle, Captain Atom, The Question), Quality Comics (Uncle Sam, Doll Man, Phantom Lady, Plastic Man), Milestone Comics (Static, Icon, Hardware), Wildstorm Comics (The Authority, Wildcats, Gen 13). Whichever one a writer wants to use.

Earth-1: Silver/Bronze Age Earth (1955-1986). The home of DC's Silver Age and Bronze Age output. I mean, the original Earth-1 stood for about 30 years, while each new reboot seem to stick around for a few years before the next one hits. Surely it must have had something worth keeping around if it managed to last that long? This Earth holds a special place for me, as it was the one I grew up with. No, I'm not THAT old, but it was the setting of the comic books I read in my mom's basement. :lmao:

Earth-2: Golden Age Earth-2 + New 52 Earth-2. You know, with a light retcon, you could have both the classic and the current version of Earth-2 inhabit the same world. Imagine the JSA fighting crime in the WW2 era like they started out, do a few team-ups with the Justice League of Earth-1 and then retiring, leaving room for the next generation, eventually culminating in the setting of the current Earth-2 in New 52 continuity.

Earth-3: This one is a classic. The dark mirror universe and home of the Crime Syndicate of America, the evil counterpart to the Justice League. Luckily, there's also heroic counterparts to DC villains keeping them in check.

Earth-4: Home of Charlton Comics heroes (Blue Beetle, Captain Atom, The Question etc)

Earth-5: Home of Fawcett Comics heroes (Captain Marvel, Spy-Smasher, Mr. Scarlet etc)

Earth-6: ---

Earth-7: ---

Earth-8: Angor. I've always found this one amusing, as it's a very deliberate pastiche of the setting in Marvel Comics. It's a bit of a friendly jab at the competition on DC's side. And whether if you're a DC fan, a Marvel fan or both like me, the two of them will always be there. So keep Angor around.

Earth-9: ---

Earth-10: Home of the Quality Comics characters (Freedom Fighters, Plastic Man, Blackhawks etc) fighting against a Nazi iteration of the JLA.

Earth-11: Gender reversed Earth, home to Superwoman, Batwoman, Wonder Warrior, Black Condor... Well, you get the idea.

Earth-12: Home of the comedic heroes of the Inferior Five and possibly other comedic superheroes.

Earth-13: ---

Earth-14: ---

Earth-15: ---

Earth-16: The Just, young ”me-obsessed” heroes. I read the original pre-Crisis "Super-Sons" and the current version of Earth-16 does focus on young, slightly jerkish successors to Superman and Batman. Making them Chris and Damian is much more creative than Clark Kent Jr and Bruce Wayne Jr.

Earth-17: ---

Earth-18: Home of the DC heroes reimagined as Wild West heroes, based on the Justice Riders one-shot.

Earth-19: ---

Earth-20: Doc Fate and the Society of Super-Heroes, pulp-styled heroes from the Multiversity thought up by Grant Morrison.

Earth-21: ---

Earth-22: ---

Earth-23: Home to Calvin Ellis, Superman AND President of the United States. Another Morrison creation... Moving on.

Earth-24: ---

Earth-25: ---

Earth-26: Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew, anthropomorphic super-heroes.

Earth-27: ---

Earth-28: ---

Earth-29: ---

Earth-30: Home to a Superman that grew up in the Soviet Union. Heavily based on Superman: Red Son

Earth-31: Home to Frank Miller's Batman (Year One, Dark Knight Returns, Dark Knight Strikes Again)

Earth-32: ---

Earth-33: ---

Earth-34: ---

Earth-35: ---

Earth-36: ---

Earth-37: The setting of Batgirl and Robin: Thrillkiller

Earth-38: ---

Earth-39: ---

Earth-40: ---

Earth-41: Introduced by Grant Morrison, this setting is a pastiche of characters owned by Image Comics, Dino-Cop standing in for Savage Dragon, Spore for Spawn, etc.

Earth-42: Small chibi superheroes in a bright and optimistic universe where no-one ever dies... Including the entire population of Krypton and Thomas and Martha Wayne. (The parents of the "Gosh-Darned Batman")

Earth-43: Home to a vampire Batman and a vampire Justice League. Heavily based on the Batman: Vampire trilogy.

Earth-44: ---

Earth-45: ---

Earth-46: ---

Earth-47: ---

Earth-48: ---

Earth-49: ---

Earth-50: Home to the Wildstorm Comics heroes. (The Authority, Gen 13, Planetary, Stormwatch, Sleeper)

Earth-51: This was a near-utopian world... Then the Great Distaster happened, leading to a post-apocalyptic setting. Home of Jack Kirby's Kamandi, OMAC and as an extra bonus, the Atomic Knights!

Earth-52: The New 52 Continuity. I will not bash New 52, as even I will admit that there are some good stories told in this new iteration. So yes, when the next reboot comes, keep it around.

Version 3.0 coming in January, so expect some changes!

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