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My gallery. Quite some fanart, but mostly only of other deviants work.



The Bluebeaks by Speedslide
The Bluebeaks
The talltale goes as follows. Three young boys got lost whilst playing in the forest and thanks to a mysterious white eagle, they found their way back home. These three boys would eventually grow up to become the leaders of three separate military teams within the Air Force, the Navy and the Army...

Donald Loker (1902 - 1988) was one of those boys. Nicknamed "Captain Bluebeak" due to his affinity for his friend Barry "Blueberry" Blue's blueberry pies, he felt a natural attraction to the sea and joined up with the Navy the first chance he got.

However, due to the political climate of the 1940s, a "negro officer" was still considered highly controversial and Don did not advance in ranks as fast as he had hoped.

This all changed when Barry and Don befriended a certain Gaston Willson (1911- M.I.A 2008). Captain Willson was a Merchant Marine captain that had recently gained a sizeable inheritance and would have to spend long periods on land investigating his earnings. Having known Don for a long time, he suggested he took over his crew, whilst he relegated himself to vice-captain status. Barry joined the crew as their chef and brought along his pet monkey Blooey.

Ever since then, "The Bluebeaks" have travelled the seas, sometimes aiding in the war effort as mercenary soldiers, sometimes taking on smaller cargo missions to make ends meet. The team has grown since then, welcoming such fine sailors as:

William Poppin (1879-1971), the team's lanky yet incredibly tough veteran
James Battle, owner and operator of a one-man submarine
Hosho Amaya, master diver and the fastest swimmer on the team.

The Bluebeaks frequently crossed paths with Maritime Man…, sometimes as friends, sometimes as opponents.


The Bluebeaks (c) :iconspeedslide:

Pretty much repeating the pattern of the Whitewings, albeit you can probably tell that two of these seadogs are rather blatant homages to certain works by Hergé and Segar...

Also, I think I'm having a bit too much fun reconstructing Golden Age-styled stereotypes. Let me know if I cross a line.
... I'm not a good critic.

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Sunset by Speedslide
Real Name: Unknown

Codename: Sunset

Nicknames: the Dynamic Boy

Occupations: Unknown

Legal Status: Vigilante

Identity: Secret

Nationality: USA

Home Town: Seattle, Washington, USA

Born: August 12, 1926

Marital Status: Unknown

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Known Relatives: Unknown

Group Affiliation: Detective Dusk (partner/mentor), Detective Dawn (partner)

Base of Operations: New York City, New York, USA

First Appearance: TBA

Known Superhuman Powers: None


- As a non-powered human, Sunset does on occasion find himself out of his depth dealing with superhuman threats.
- Inexperience. Sunset is still young and has a lot to learn about crime-fighting.

Abilities/Special Skills: Even without any superhuman powers, Sunset is no slouch. His body is trained to the peak of human achievement and his agility and strength is at a level comparable to that of an Olympic athlete.

Languages: Speaks English and a multitude of other languages, even dabbling in extra-terrestrial dialects such as "Krimsonese" thanks to the help of Starson.


- Skilled in the use of a wide variety of weapons, including swords, bow and arrows and firearms.
- He tends to keep minor equipment in his utility belt when on patrol, ranging from lockpicks to a miniature first aid kit for emergencies.

Personality: Kind, idealistic and highly intelligent. To put it into perspective, he's like a "Detective Dusk with social skills".

Personal Interests: The pursuit of justice.

History: Ever since the 1940s, there has always been a Sunset to accompany Detective Dusk. While the dark avenger personifies the fear of criminals everywhere, Sunset embodies the kind and helping hand that reaches out to innocents. He serves to remind Detective Dusk of what's he's fighting for.

Over the years, as the legacy of Detective Dusk has been theorized to have passed onto new individuals, there has also been a new Sunset following not long after. But in 2008, the then current duo went missing...


It just wouldn't be a Batman homage without a Robin homage.

Sunset (c) :iconspeedslide:


Sebastian Sandberg
Current Residence: Sala, Sweden
Favourite genre of music: Mixed
Operating System: Windows XP
... I'm not a good critic.

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